tartJS is a performance-focused JavaScript framework based on well-tested Google Closure Tools suite. It provides rapid and responsive mobile app infrastructure.

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Closure Compiler optimizes, checks and cleans up your annotated JavaScript code with best minification rates while helping you to catch errors.

Getting Started

From scratch

Add tartJS to your project as a submodule:

    git submodule add git@github.com:tart/tartJS.git js/lib/tartJS



(More coming soon)


With help of Closure Compiler, class based inheritance and type safety is widely used in tartJS. See Annotating JavaScript for the Closure Compiler how JSDoc annotation works.

Directory structure



Want to contribute? Great! Fork it, create a branch, make your changes, push and open pull request to contribute. Your pull request may not be merged immediately until necessary changes were made to match coding-style, pass tests. We do follow Google JavaScript Style Guide.


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